A Hockey Game Broke out During Fight Night

If you missed the Boston Bruins take on the New York Rangers last night, then you missed a return to old school hockey. Lucky for you I've got you covered. Let's do a round by round analysis shall we.

Round 1:

Trouba lays the hammer down on a Bruins forward and McAVOY was none too pleased with it. Props to Mac for sticking up for his boys, but he might've been better off pretending he didn't see anything.

Round 2:

There's nothing better than watching two guys dropping the gloves right off the face-off. Boston just went up 1-0, Lemieux wasn't too happy about it and decided Frederic needed the shit kicked out of him. Props to Frederic for getting back up and giving it to Lemieux after getting popped and knocked down. He wasn't going to give the zebras a chance to end that fight before he got his shots in.

Round 3:

What a scrap, some jawing going on behind the play and both players decide the other needs to be taught a lesson about respect. Unfortunately for Buchnevich, Lauzon was the teacher and he had a lesson plan drawn up already.

These two original six teams despise each other and lucky for us they have to play 6 more times this season. Rivalries and fights like these are why hockey is the greatest sport. Instead of two guys bitching to the media after the game about some he said she said bullshit, hockey players drop the gloves and settle it once and for all right on the spot. I know the league is trying to phase out fighting, but they should do the opposite. Fighting his what makes hockey unique and gives it an edge over other sports. The fans love it and I think the players do too. Give the fans more of what they want.