A Public Apology

I want to apologize to anyone who took any of my picks last night. 0-4 is embarrassing and I am not proud of it.

I just had one of those nights. I threw a bunch of shit at the wall and instead of sticking it bounced off and hit me right in the face. Nothing went my way. The most frustrating part is I went against my gut on the Devils and Penguins games. I had a feeling the opposite of what I picked was going to happen, but I looked at the numbers and decided they would go the other way. This is the fine line you have to walk in the sports betting world. Your mind will often times tell you one thing, but your gut instincts will tell you another. It's up to you to decide which one is right. I've decided I am going to start siding with my gut instinct a little bit more, it appears to be right more often than not. These will not be emotionally driven instincts, as an emotional gambler is a bad one. I must do better in the future, and I will do better. Also I hate the Heat. Their offense is absolutely abismal, but just to spite me they put up 118 last night on the second of a back-to-back and the game goes over 226 by 2 points. What pisses me off more is the live over/under I saw was as low as 210.5 at one point. Just to make sure I can't have one little glimmer of hope they decide we need to pick up the pace and push the score all the way up to 228. Someone put Eric Spoelstra back into the video room where he belongs.

Overall: 28-22-0