A Tale of Two Franchises

In case you haven't seen, these two things happened today.

Brady's extension saves the Bucs $19M in cap space this season, which is huge as it will allow them to retain most of their free agents now. Then this happened.

The Patriots really just gave this man $14M to do this again next season.

I understand the Patriots offense as a whole was garbage last season and his receivers suck, but so does Cam. He's little more than a glorified running back at this point. Even worse is I believe Brady's cap hit will now be even smaller than Cam's next year, and he'll probably win another Super Bowl too. The Patriots can still bring in other QBs and I expect they will do so, especially with their $54M in cap space left. If Cam is QB1 next season he should have a better year. I'm not saying that because I expect that he will get better, I'm simply saying statistically he can't play much worse. He threw for less than 100 yards in 4 separate games and he only had 5 Td passes on the year before he threw 3 in the last week of the season against the Jets. He actually had separate 3 and 4 week stretches during the season in which he had no Td passes. How the mighty have fallen. The Patriots are now relying on all the returning players who opted out last season to return to form, and to hopefully some high end talent in free agency. I don't believe it will matter as long as their QB situation is in shambles. I wrote a blog for all the Patriots fans back in February detailing the journey they are about to go on, and I believe it is once again relevant today.

The Bucs on the other hand are sitting pretty. They got Tom back for at least another year at a reduced cap hit, and they will be able to bring back most of their Super Bowl roster next season. However, they must make sure they don't fall into the trap that most franchises fall into after winning a championship. Players, especially aging ones tend to get bloated contracts after winning a Super Bowl in the name of keeping the band together. These contracts end up being franchise killers because they give way too much money and years to players who will start to show declines in production due to age and other factors. These deals then handicap the teams ability to make improvements going forward. Ask teams like the Kings, Blackhawks, and Eagles how these contracts have worked out after their recent championship runs. It will be interesting to see how the Bucs use this new cap space moving forward.