Ben Takes a Pay Cut

(Photo by Joe Sargent/Getty Images)

Ben and the Steelers have come to an agreement on the restructuring of his deal for this season.

Ben agreed to a $5M salary cut and took some of his money in additional signing bonus. This is what his cap hit now looks like moving forward.

The $25M cap hit this season looks much better than the $41M hit he previously had. The Steelers will still be about $5M over the cap, but that is much more manageable than $20M was. The Steelers will now be able to work out deals with guys like Dupree and Mike Hilton if they desire. If they waste this money on a deal for Juju I may actually shed tears. The $10M dead cap hit next year is not ideal, but with rumors that the cap will be rising next season it won't hurt as much. At the end of the day nothing really changes for this upcoming season. We are still looking at a Wild Card loss at best in my opinion and another year of misery and wasted potential. Can't wait for football season.