Bryson Dechambeau Wins the Arnold Palmer Invitational

Well that's a wrap on this year's Arnold Palmer Invitational from Bay Hill Golf Club in Florida. Bryson Dechambeau played a terrific tournament and walked away with the victory. The course was tough over the last 4 days, especially today, but we still had some great moments throughout. We even managed a couple hole in ones over the weekend, including this one from Jordan Spieth.

Jordan had been struggling immensely prior to these past several tournaments. It had been a long time since his last win and you could tell the game had really gotten into his head. It was painful watching those videos of him on the practice range staring at the ball for what seemed like hours before swinging. However, it appears he has turned a corner these past couple of weeks as he has been in contention on every Sunday. He hasn't been able to pull out the win yet, but he doesn't appear to be too far off.

What a legendary nickname for Kristoffer Ventura. That's going to be a tough one to live up to, but if he keeps hitting balls like that he'll be just fine.

Bryson had himself one hell of a tournament. I know there is mixed feelings about Bryson amongst the golf world, but I for one am a fan. Frankly I think most people are just jealous they can't launch the ball into outer space like he can. Bryson is bringing an excitement and fresh perspective to the game that will only be beneficial to it. I'll get to his driver in a moment, but what is more important is his putting.

A beautiful putt by Bryson. Even better than that may be his putt to save par on 11.

Driving the ball 370 yards doesn't mean a thing if your short game and putting sucks. Missing putts is the easiest way to lose strokes quickly. If you find yourself on the top of a tournament leaderboard it's because you are likely putting better than everyone else. If Bryson can consistently putt with the best of them, combined with his driving ability he will be nearly unbeatable. Now onto the good stuff.

We saw Bryson go for it all on the No.6 tee box on Saturday. Going over the water was something that was unthinkable before Bryson came around. Doing it once wasn't enough for him however, he had to do it again.

What an absolute missile. I could never even imagine hitting a golf ball nearly 4 football fields. This was the ultimate gamble as Bryson was right in contention for the lead here. A ball in the water would've been devastating. Luckily Bryson wouldn't have to worry about the water as much as he should have been worried about the bunker on the other side. Just when you think you've seen it all and the game has gone as far as it possibly can, someone like Bryson comes along and changes everything.

Corey Conners and Westwood gave Bryson a good run all day. Westwood stayed within a stroke of Bryson after he took the lead from him early on. He had a huge opportunity on 16 to tie Bryson at 11 under, but he missed his birdie putt from a short distance. Going into 18 down 1 stroke on Bryson, Westwood's drive was right down the middle of the fairway. Unfortunately for him though it landed in a previous golfers divot. He would manage a solid shot onto the green from the divot, putting the pressure on Bryson. Bryson managed to drop his second shot on the green closer than Westwood's. Lee was able to put the pressure back on Bryson by making a tough two putt for par. Bryson who overshot the hole a bit on his birdie putt had to make a tough putt uphill from several feet out for par and the win. He would sink that putt and is now an Arnold Palmer Invitational winner shooting -11. Congratulations to Bryson on a well played tournament and a clutch performance there at the end.