Dak for Deshaun?

(AP Photo/Eric Christian Smith)

Hear me out on this one I'm thinking out loud a bit. By now everyone should be aware of the situations happening in Dallas regarding Dak Prescott's contract negotiation and Deshaun Watson trying to force his way out of Houston. It is looking more and more likely by the day that the Dallas Cowboys will once again put the franchise tag on Dak. This move will cost Dallas a whopping $37.5M this season. They will be forced to make additional cap moves to free up the money required for that tag. Any long term deal the team reaches with Dak won't be quite as much, but will still cost Dallas well over the $30M a year mark. Dallas appears way too hesitant to commit to Dak, especially with him coming off the devastating leg injury. Houston on the other hand has mostly shot down any trade rumors surrounding Deshaun, but he still needs to be dealt.

So here's what I'm thinking. A swap of Dak and Deshaun makes sense to me for several reasons. For one, both quarterbacks could benefit from a change of scenery. The contract disputes have tainted Dak and the Cowboy's relationship to a certain extent I don't care what either side says to the contrary. Dak is this Cowboy's team and he knows he deserves a certain amount of commitment for it. Dak can't be happy with the organizations failure to commit to him for several years now. He's sat back while guys around him like Amari Cooper and Zeke got their extensions. On Deshaun's side of things he has clearly expressed dismay with how the Texans have handled situations like roster moves and coaching hirings. A change of scenery is something he has already requested and at this point Houston should oblige by his demands before his value goes down.

The next reason is trade value. These two quarterbacks have roughly the same value on the market in my eyes. Deshaun may be worth a bit more than Dak at the moment due to Dak's injury and him potentially getting a larger extension than Deshaun already has. Dallas may have to put a little package together to convince Houston, but I'm not sure Houston will get better value in return for Deshaun anywhere else on the market. Unless they value draft capital over a top quarterback in the league, this would likely be their best option. Dak is 27 and Deshaun is 25, so there's not too much of a difference in terms of age. Both quarterbacks are about fully developed and entering their primes. Houston can build a team around Dak, and the Cowboys can compete now with Deshaun.

Lastly we must consider the fans. Houston fans will not be happy trading Deshaun away, but I think Dak will more than satisfy them as their next franchise QB. They won't have to take a risk on a guy like Tua or Sam Darnold, and they won't have to risk the unknowns that come with drafting a QB out of college. On the Dallas side I believe those fans would love Deshaun. Dak has become very near and dear to the hearts of Cowboys fans, but I'm sure they would quickly get over that with the new #4 in town.

Maybe you agree with my thinking here. Maybe you think I'm the dumbest person you've ever seen for even thinking about something like this, but I think this swap is at the very least worth considering.