GOAT of GOATs: Is Brady the GOAT of All Sports?

While Brady has long been considered the greatest Football player of all time, a new debate arises on whether or not he is the greatest of the GOATs. Brady notched his 7th title on Sunday Night and his first title with a second team, something that has only been done by one other QB-- Brady's once rival Peyton Manning. This arguably caps the greatest longevity we have ever seen in any sport. I think the greatest comparisons you can make to Brady are LeBron and Gretsky in terms of consistent greatness. Here is where the argument gets interesting though. Not only has Brady been statistically great his whole career, but he has now been to and won titles in 3 separate eras of a sport. As pundits and LeBron haters will inform you, LeBron's finals record is abysmal and despite Gretsky scoring in 3 hockey eras his only titles were in a 5 year period. This type of sustained greatness separates Brady from his peers on the Mount Rushmore of Sports.

Brady is also unparralled in his own sport. Lebron must compete with the Likes of Jordan and vice versa. The realization that Brady is the GOAT of Goats is somewhat uncomfortable for many sports fans because we associate GOAT status with unparalleled performance. Jordan was the best player in the league every year in a 10 year stretch, Jimmie Johnson won 7 titles in 10 years, and Tiger Woods won 14 Majors in 11 years, all leading their respective sports as the "best" competitor in their league. Brady did have 3 titles in 4 years, but those were primarily as a game manager. In fact, his most statistically dominant period coincided with his failures against Eli Manning. Yes, he has MVP awards but they appear to be spread out much like his Super Bowls. Also, Brady's 2017 MVP belongs to the Rams, who annihilated Carson Wentz's knee. (Not Bitter at All)

Let me name some QBs who were more dominant than Brady in terms of statistics over the course of his historic career: Aaron Rodgers, Peyton Manning, Drew Brees, Russel Wilson, and Patrick Mahomes. You know what's interesting about this list of 5 QBs? They will all be Hall of Famers. You know what they all share in common? If you combine all their super bowl wins they are less than Brady's, and if you calculate their losses they are greater than the sum of Brady's failures. This is what is tough to swallow, but undenaiable in nature. Just because you are the greatest for a time does not make you the GOAT. Greatness has many qualities but the greatest of all is success on the biggest stage over the longest duration. We will never see another career like that of Tom Brady where one player can sustain greatness over a course of 20 years. While many of us may never like the prospect of a player with 2 cheating scandals on his resume being the GOAT, we cannot deny it at this point. The evidence is far too overwhelming. What I have concluded is that Brady cannot be on the Mount Rushmore of sports-- because that implies he has contemporaries. Tom Brady now stands above all other legends in sports, and becomes immortalized as the GOAT of GOATs.