Going to a Game in the Covid Era

I'm sure a lot of people are wondering what it is like to go to a professional sports event in the age of Covid. With all the restrictions and protocols in place it must be a really strange experience right? Luckily for you guys Austin and I recently took a trip to the Wells Fargo Center for the Flyers vs. Islanders game and this is what we experienced. The WFC in Philly is currently limited to 15-20% capacity. Before you get in there's supposed to be a health screening that takes place in tents outside the arena. Here we are standing in line for it.

The screening is a joke. It's just a lady holding a sign with a bunch of health questions on it while she asks if you have any of these symptoms. You don't even have to stop, you just say no as you're walking by. Even if you did have symptoms, I'm not sure anyone would actually say so and put themselves through the trouble.

Next up you go through normal metal detector and security screenings. They scan your tickets and that's it you're in. With limited capacity it's really nice to walk around now because there's minimal foot traffic as you can see.

This was just 30 minutes before game time. You're not bumping into people constantly and getting clustered into large crowds moving around before the game. After the game there is still a bit of crowding when everyone's trying to get out at the same time, but it's not like it was with a full crowd. Getting food and drinks is really nice. The lines are minimal, even during the intermission rushes. Due to rigid cleaning policies the bathrooms are near spotless at all times and never crowded, which is highly unusual for Philly sporting events. The whole building is nearly spotless. The only time they actually monitored capacity for a room or area was in the team store. You had to wait in line for people to leave before you could go in.

The seating situation is phenomenal. Your seats are marked off with sit here signs and the next closest people are seats away.

This was taken right before warmups ended when most people are seated, and as you can see it's practically empty. After years of being crammed into the tiny seats at the WFC and having people on top of you on all sides, it was a welcome change to have no one within 4 seats of you. You could spread out, stretch your legs, and have plenty of space to put your food and drink.

Even though the Flyers lost in OT, this was probably my second favorite Flyers game that I've been to behind the Stadium Series game against the Penguins at the Linc. The limited capacity in my opinion was awesome. You lose some of the atmosphere, but the extra leg room at your seat, the cleanliness, and getting out of the parking lot in 10 minutes more than made up for that. Especially since it's just a regular season game. The mask requirement at all times except when eating or drinking is an inconvenience to say the least. If you get caught without a mask at any point other than eating or drinking you could get hit with a ticket. We heard it was only about a $5 penalty, but I guess they need some way of enforcing everything. All in all it was a good experience, and it was nice to be back in person for a game. Life felt a little more normal for a little while.