Hard to Beat the Bruins when they have 7 Skaters on the Ice

I'm not going to be too hard on the Flyers tonight because they played an all around solid game. The Flyers were the victims of some god awful officiating in this one. I have two theories on these refs tonight: 1.Being in Philly they could legally bet and had Boston winning this game, or 2. They found themselves a couple Ben Franklins in their locker room tonight before the game. It started in the 1st period with some confusion when releasing McAvoy and TK from the box. Play was halted and McAvoy who hadn't finished serving his penalty time yet was allowed to stay out of the box. Then in the second period we had this beauty:

Tripping if I've ever seen it, I think ole Ben would agree. After expending all their energy on the non penalty penalties, the refs had no energy left in their arm to raise it for this hit:

Have we no respect for cancer survivors these days? A hit that honestly could be suspension worthy went uncalled on the ice. Luckily Oskar got up fine after taking that shoulder straight to the jaw.

Flyers would go up 1-0 early in the 3rd thanks to JVR staying hot and doing what he does best, which is parking himself right in front of the net and deflecting pucks into it. Unfortunately once the Flyers saw they had a late lead again they decided that wasn't in their best interest.

Unfortunate goal. Not much Moose could've done here it was just a scrappy goal. Sean Kuraly would score another one for Boston 27 seconds later and that would be it.

Overall the Flyers played one of their better games of the season. Moose stood on his head for the most part. Unfortunately for him Tuuka Rask is a little bit taller on his head. The Flyers were pretty sound defensively, finally getting some stops on the PK. Unfortunately the offense just couldn't get anything going. It figures on one of our first solid defensive nights the offense couldn't get much going. 1/5 on the PP, including missing out on a 4 on 3 opportunity and not converting on a penalty shot won't win you many games. Nothing to do here but focus on the positives and get ready for a tough Washington team on Sunday. Credit to Aube Kubel getting the first tilt for the boys this year. Held his own in it and brought a little fight and energy to the team. Hockey is more fun when you have a scrap or two during the games.