Keeping up with the Steelers

(Karl Roser/Pittsburgh Steelers)

Some news broke today about more off the field drama for the Pittsburgh Steelers and color me shocked. This time it revolves around Chase Claypool and a bar fight.

I've decided to start a new segment on this website based on the Steelers seemingly never ending drama both on and off the field. You've all heard of Keeping up with the Kardashians I'm sure. Welcome to the first installment of Keeping up with the Steelers. Initially looking at this fight all I have to say about it is this:

The details surrounding the fight are still very murky right now, but what we do know from the video is that Chase went full Draymond Green with his legs and may or may not have kicked a guy in the face while he was on the ground. We later see Chase push someone that rushed him to the ground and then it's pretty much over.

I have several thoughts about this incident. One, Chase must've went out for a night on the town with Joey Porter. For those of you who don't get that reference, Joey Porter was arrested after getting into a fight at a Pittsburgh bar while he was an assistant coach with the Steelers. Two, this is just another headache for the Steelers and us fans in a long line of them over the years. I was starting to wonder about Chase's character after some of the things that happened with him last year, especially with him being a part of Juju's tik tok squad and some of the comments he's made. Now I really have questions about his character.

Lastly, I'm gonna play devil's advocate here for a moment. Maybe those other guys deserved what was coming to them. Maybe we need more bar fights in today's day and age. Everyone is soft now thanks to social media. They get real confident saying things behind a screen all day, then they go out saying the same things in the real world and forget sometimes there's a price to be paid for what you say or do. Maybe Chase was just doing his civil duty and keeping those guys in line. Maybe he was just trying to protect a friend who was in a rough situation. Until more details come out we can't completely rule these things out as possibilities.

The reports say that no charges were filed and in fact the cops that were called never even showed up. That's a bit concerning, but whatever. Chase may still be subjected to punishment by the NFL, so I would not be surprised in the least to see him fined or even suspended for this incident. Just another great day for the black and yellow. I hope you all enjoyed installment #1 of Keeping up with the Steelers. I'll see you next time.