MassMutual East Division Halfway Mark

A few weeks back I wrote a blog titled "Will the Flyers make the Playoffs?" and in it I broke down where the teams in the East Division stood at the quarter way point of the season. I said I would re-evaluate at the midway mark of the season. Well we are several games past the midway mark now and boy have things changed. Here's what the standings looked like on February 25th when I wrote that blog.

And here's where we currently stand

In February I predicted that Philly would make the playoffs, Boston was the team to beat, and the Isles were in a bit of trouble. Moral of the story, I have absolutely no idea what I'm talking about. The Isles ripped off a massive winning streak, Boston crashed and burned because they no longer played Philly every other game, and Philly... what a dumpster fire. The only team worse than them in this division right now is Buffalo, and holy hell are they in trouble right now. They've managed 3 POINTS since February 25th and have now lost 18 straight. I'm pretty sure Jack Eichel is faking injuries at this point just to get the hell out of there. It's astonishing how the Flyers went from a +1 diff to -17 in the course of a month. Yet somehow they are still ahead of the Rangers who went from -3 to +15 in that same time period. I don't expect that to last long though with the way things are going.

Here's what I got wrong in February. The Isles just got off to a slow start. I thought they were regressing from previous seasons and Barry Trotz was wearing the team down with his play style. Turns out this team is just as good as they've been in previous years, if not better. The Penguins are still competitive. I doubted them this year thinking their core was aging and they would be entering a rebuild soon. I was dead wrong about that. They're sitting pretty right now 10 points up on a playoff spot and just 2 points out of first place. The Caps are the Caps doing what they normally do. Boston has fallen apart in recent weeks, partially due to injuries and other things. They should be able to hold onto that last playoff spot though. The bottom three are doing exactly what I thought they would be doing.

My predictions for the rest of the season are as follows.

  1. Islanders

  2. Capitals

  3. Penguins

  4. Bruins

The bottom four can move around however they wish. The Flyers are done. This team is disgraceful. Going down 3-0 last night to a Buffalo team that's lost 17 straight is unbelievable. Flyers might've won 4-3 in OT, but it's a loss in my book. I don't even bother watching this team anymore most nights. It's not wort the stress. I'm hoping my predictions will jinx those teams like my quarter way predictions appeared to.