NBA Trade Deadline Recap

(Photo by Carmen Mandato/Getty Images)

Thursdays trade deadline was one of the more active ones in recent memory. A lot of names were moved to new places. There wasn't any moves that I would describe as "blockbusters" aside from the Oladipo trade, but there was a lot of smaller moves that should have huge impacts on their new teams. I'm not going to go over every little trade that happened yesterday, just some of them that I believe will have the biggest impact on their teams and the league.

Victor Oladipo to Miami:

Miami receives:

Victor Oladipo

Houston receives:

Avery Bradley

Kelly Olynyk

2022 first-round swap rights

This deal is a fleecing by Miami. Houston was initially asking for Duncan Robinson, but Pat Riley just waited them out. As the deadline was nearing and the realization that they may get nothing in return for Oladipo, Houston gave him away for practically nothing. This deal gives Miami a scorer which they need and gives Jimmy butler a running mate in the backcourt. It gives a huge boost to Miami's hopes of returning to the Finals again. Rumors are that Miami is a favorite for Lamarcus Aldridge as well after his buyout from the Spurs. This would be a great fit for Miami, but I have a feeling Portland might have something to say about it.

Nikola Vucevic to Chicago:

Chicago recieves:

Nikola Vucevic

Al-Farouq Aminu

Orlando recieves:

Wendell Carter Jr.

Otto Porter Jr.

two first-round picks

Huge move for Chicago as they get an all-star big to pair with Zach Lavine. The Bulls are currently 1.5 games out of the 8th seed, so Vucevic should be a major help to them in the playoff hunt. Wendell Carter Jr. is only a 10/8 guy, so Vucevic is a major improvement over him. Aminu is a solid wing player who should make up for the loss of Otto Porter Jr. This trade will be judged by how well Vucevic and Lavine play together, so the jury may be out for quite awhile on this one.

Aaron Gordon to Denver:

Denver receives:

Aaron gordon

Orlando receives:

Gary Harris

R.J. Hampton

first-round pick

The youth movement continues in Orlando. Orlando basically blew the team up on Thursday and brought in a bunch of young talent and draft capital. They are essentially throwing a bunch of shit at the wall and praying something sticks. I can't necessarily blame them since they've been in the basement for so long. I thought the price Orlando was asking for Aaron Gordon was too high. Gordon just doesn't do much for me. We'll see if his time in Denver changes my opinion of him. Denver has championship ambitions this year and an MVP candidate in Jokic, so the pressure will be on Gordon to produce right away.

Norman Powell to Portland:

Portland receives:

Norman Powell

Toronto receives:

Gary Trent Jr.

Rodney Hood

This trade is a bit head scratching to me. Powell is only a slight upgrade over Trent and they both do the same things well. Powell is going to decline his player option after this season, so he will be an unrestricted free agent. He will not be cheap to keep around considering his play this season. Maybe Portland has bigger plans, I just don't see their vision at the moment.

Evan Fournier to Boston:

Boston receives:

Evan Fournier

Orlando receives:

two second-round picks

I love this trade for Boston. Fournier is averaging around 20/PPG this year. Adding that kind of scoring for only 2 second-rounders is a steal. Fournier will add scoring off the bench and help take the pressure off of Tatum/Brown. He's a great spot up shooter so they'll be able to look for him on the wing when they drive the ball inside. Orlando gets more draft compensation to continue their rebuild. Orlando probably could've gotten a little more for Fournier, but for now I'll chalk this trade up as a win/win.

George Hill to Philly:

Philly receives:

George Hill

Iggy Brazdeikis

Oklahoma City receives:

Tony Bradley

2025 and 2026 second-rounders (Philly)

Austin Rivers

Knicks receive:

Terrance Ferguson

Vincent Poirier

2021 second-rounder (Philly)

Austin Rivers must be punching air right now that his dad didn't get him to Philly. The Sixers surprised everyone by pulling out of the Kyle Lowry chase and going for George Hill. I think this is a great pickup for Philly. George Hill gives them a veteran guard presence who can handle the ball and shoot. Exactly what they needed, especially with their championship aspirations this season. Oklahoma City stocks up more draft capital for their rebuild. Sam Presti has managed to stock up 17 first-rounds picks in the next 7 drafts. That's unheard of. He will have to prove that he can do something with them though. Lastly the Knicks get a decent guard and a draft pick.

Some other notable moves were J.J. Reddick to Dallas, Rondo to the Clippers for Lou Williams, and Daniel Theis to Chicago. Kyle Lowry and Lonzo Ball remained put, which were two very surprising developments to see. All-in-all I think a lot of contenders got stronger during this deadline, while others like the Lakers stayed really quiet. Some teams committed to their rebuilding process and should be better off in the long run for it. Only time will tell the real winners and losers of this deadline though.