Niners targeting Cousins

Updated: Feb 2, 2021

I never understand NFL GMs sometimes.

Kirk Cousins clearly is not a Super Bowl caliber quarterback right? I can't be the only one that sees this. Let's check the stats for a second. Cousins is 7-31 as a starter in his career against teams with a winning record. 3-8 against said teams since joining the Vikings in 2018. We're not off to a promising start here. Let's check his primetime numbers to see how he performs when the spotlight is on him. 4-2 on Sunday Night Football, not too bad. 15 Tds to 3 picks is solid. Maybe he performs well under pressure. Oh wait what's that? Check his Monday Night football record? Can't be that bad since he performs well on Sunday Night right? Checks MNF stats:

0-9 on MNF. I'm not even sure how this is possible. He's played on solid teams especially in Minnesota. I'm not gonna sit here and say it's all Kirk's fault he's 0-9 on Monday nights, but when you have such a record while playing on 2 different teams there's only one connecting dot there.

I understand San Fran is trapped in a less than optimal marriage with Jimmy G right now, but swapping one C level QB for another is not going to solve any of your problems. I suspect on some level GM John Lynch knows this. He seems to be a smart guy when it comes to personnel decisions and evaluating talent. He's drafted studs like Nick Bosa, Javon Kinlaw, Brandon Aiyuk, and Deebo in recent years. The guy clearly has an eye for talent. This ain't it though Chief. I say every league has a select few guys who, if they're not on your team then you're not going to win championships. In the NFL this list includes guys like Brady, Mahomes, Wilson, Rodgers, and I believe Deshaun Watson's name will be on this list when he gets a solid team around him. Kirk Cousins does not sniff this list.

The Niners are stuck in a tough spot. They owe Jimmy G $26 million this year and $27 million next year. That's going to be a tough contract to move, but it can be done. They had a prime opportunity to make a move with Detroit and acquire Stafford, but they missed out. My recommendation for the Niners is to make a hard push for Watson. Trading Jimmy G will clear the cap space necessary to obtain Watson. The Niners possess all of their draft picks in the next 3 drafts, including the No. 12 pick in this year's draft. A package of picks, Jimmy G, and a young player or two should be more than enough to satisfy Houston. I know Houston has "0 interest in moving Deshaun", but I see this as a negotiating tactic to drive up the price. I don't see that they have a choice in moving Deshaun. They can move him this offseason for a haul of assets from a team like San Fran, or they can watch as he potentially sits out and risk potential injury if he does play. I suspect the Jets will be heavily interested in Deshaun and they have assets to move. The Niners should move quickly. The price may be steep and it may be painful to move a nice young player or two, but they are built to win now. Deshaun is the missing piece to their puzzle and he will be a franchise QB for the next decade at least. Get it done San Fran.