Now what JJ?

The Houston Texans have freed JJ Watt from that hell hole of a franchise today.

This is probably the best thing to ever happen to JJ in his career. Even better than the multiple DPOY awards. He will now have the ability to go where he chooses and have a legit shot at winning a championship. Something he's never had in his career. JJ is one of the greatest defensive players in league history. If you need a refresher on why I say that here you go.

So where does JJ go from here. I've compiled a few teams that I think would be the best fit moving forward. I'm picking these teams based on the assumption that JJ will be looking for a chance to win over money, and therefore will be willing to sign to a very team friendly deal. Here's my list in order of best fit.

Green Bay Packers

Will the kid from Pewaukee, WI want to play for his hometown team? Having grown up in Wisconsin and played most of his college ball at the University of Wisconsin, I would not be surprised to see JJ end up in the green and yellow. This move makes too much sense. The Packers are championship contenders, coming off an NFC Championship loss to Tampa. Aaron Rodgers is getting later into his career and so the Packers are in win now mode just like JJ will be. The defensive line in Green Bay could use a boost and JJ will provide it. Personally I would love to see what a Green Bay team could do with Rodgers on one side of the ball and JJ on the other. The Packers are also struggling a bit from a leadership perspective as this is not something Rodgers is known for, so I believe JJ would bring that aspect to the team as well.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers

What better place to go if you want to win than the team that just won it all. Tom has proven once again that he still has it and the team could potentially be looking at having to replace guys like Shaq Barrett if they walk in free agency. This opens up a slot for JJ to slide right into. With much of the rest of the team returning next season JJ could simply be a plug and play guy on a team that's already gotten it done without him. Plus Florida seems to have a de-aging effect on guys careers.

San Francisco 49ers

Another move that makes tons of sense. The Niners could use some help along the defensive front, especially to help ease guys like Bosa back into the flow of things after his tough injury last season. JJ would also be an outstanding mentor for a guy like Bosa as well. If the Niners can figure out their QB situation and stay relatively healthy next season I see no reason why they can't be contenders once again. Their division is very tough, but they could pull it off.

Seattle Seahawks

The Seahawks defense was abismal against the pass last year. Ranking 31st in passing yards allowed and getting just 46 sacks as a team. JJ would immediately improve the pass rush and in turn help reduce the amount of passing yards the team gives up. If Seattle can improve the Oline and cornerback position as well and get the offense rolling they should be contenders once again. Russell Wilson is one of the best in the league. He and Pete Carroll know what it takes to win at the highest level. This would be a good fit.

Pittsburgh Steelers

As a Steelers fan I would love to see the last Watt put on the black and yellow. We'll have assembled the Watt brothers like Thanos assembled the infinity stones. Unfortunately outside of his brothers being here I don't see the Steelers making much sense for JJ. Our 3-4 front isn't a great fit for him, especially with TJ already lining up in his spot. I also don't believe this team is a contender as currently constructed. Who knows maybe the chance to play with his brothers will be enough to get JJ into the Burgh.