Put some Respect on the Dame Name


Kendrick Perkins went on the network that shall not be named today and gave his top 5 for NBA MVP this season. His list was as follows:

  1. Lebron

  2. Joel Embiid

  3. Nikola Jokic

  4. Steph Curry

  5. Damian Lillard

We all know about Lebron and Joel and all them. Yes they are having very good seasons and should be in the conversation, but I think its about time Damian Lillard gets the respect he deserves. I have always had a soft spot in my heart for the Trail Blazers organization, Brandon Roy was one of my favorite players back in the day. For those of you who don't know who Brandon Roy was or how good he was here's a reminder.

Jozoh, Youtube

Too bad Brandon was cursed with terrible knees. A great player who's career was cut way too short. Here's a great video by Dr. Brian Sutterer breaking down the exact injuries that ended Brandon's career for anyone who's interested.

Back to the point of this blog. I'm not saying any of what I'm about to say because I have a soft spot for the small market Portland team, I'm saying it because it's about time Damian Lillard gets the respect and recognition that he deserves. Damian should be the MVP favorite and here's why.

Damian's stats this year are as follows via basketball-reference.com:

Those are good for 3rd in scoring, 9th in assists, and 5th in PER. He's averaging well above his career average in every major category. He has the Trail Blazers sitting at 14-10, good enough for the #5 seed in a very difficult Western Conference. He's doing this for the most part without CJ McCollum, Jusuf Nurkic, and Zach Collins. CJ and Nurkic have both been out since January 18th. Since then the team has gone 6-4. Dame has a team missing it's two best players besides himself, with a winning record and a playoff spot nearly halfway through the season. The only notable players on this roster right now are a 36 year old Melo and Robert Covington. Despite this the Blazers beat a healthy Sixers squad last night who boast the best record in the East.

There is only one reason the Blazers are continuing to hum along, and that reason is Damian Lillard. The Blazers are a bottom feeder in the league without him. They have been for years. Yet Dame has had them in the playoffs every year except his rookie year in 2012. They even made the Western Conference Finals 2 years ago. The only reason the Blazers have struggled in the playoffs is they always ran into Golden State. No one was beating those Golden State teams. Year after year Dame is near the league lead in scoring, assists, and PER. In games he's missed in his career the Blazers have a sub .500 record. If the MVP is meant to go to the player that has the biggest impact on their team, then it's time the league finally gives Lillard the recognition he deserves. In a league where superstars are jumping from team to team every other year, Dame has remained loyal to the team that took a chance on a little unknown kid from Weber State. The league won't give it to Dame. He plays in too small a market on the west coast that nobody watches enough. If they wanted to do what's right though, he'll be your 2021 MVP.