Super Bowl LV Thoughts

First off my apologies to anyone who took my Kansas City -3 pick. You'd think I would be smart enough not to pick against the man playing in his 10th SB, but here we are. Congrats to Brady on number seven and so on. The rich get richer as they say. Since nothing seems to make sense anymore these days, it would only make sense that Antonio Brown is now a SB champion. I truly believe we have entered the upside down. Shoutout to Stranger Things what a show. Here are my takeaways from this game.

Zebra Bowl

The first half of this game was hard to watch. I am by no means a fan of the Chiefs, but they got robbed in that half. Two holding calls and two PIs that were so ticky tack you could hold a house together with them. One holding negated a crucial Tom Brady Int and the two PIs set Tampa up at the 1 for a TD before the half. These calls completely deflated the Chiefs and gave Tampa the 21-6 lead going into half. Chiefs were playing the Bucs and the refs and honestly never stood a chance. KC was called for 11-120 vs Tampa's 4-39. In my opinion the refs ruined this game.

Tampa Bay's Defense

I didn't believe in this defense before this game, but credit to them they balled out. They made Tyreek Hill and the KC receivers a non-factor and kept Mahomes running for his life the whole game. Shaq Barrett was an animal. Tampa's defense as a whole should have won the MVP award in this game.

The Perfect Storm

This game was the perfect storm for Tampa. They were nearly completely healthy for this game, a rare thing for a SB team. They were playing in their home stadium and they had the biggest home crowd advantage in SB history. KC's offensive line came in banged up and it showed. Mahomes was moving around, but he was playing on an incredibly painful toe injury that will require surgery in the offseason. KC had to deal with a COVID scare this week with their barber situation, and they had to deal with the distraction of outside linebacker coach and Andy's son Britt Reid's car accident a few days ago. These injuries and distractions gave Tampa a bit of an advantage going into this one.

Patrick Mahomes

I always thought Pat Mahomes was a pretty boy. He just ran around a little bit and threw side armed balls to showoff. I was wrong. This kid has grit. He was running for his life all night on a painful toe injury and taking some brutal hits, all while still throwing dimes left and right. He threw 2 balls on the run that were Tds had his receivers caught them. They literally hit the receivers in the facemask.

He threw that ball dead on target for what would have been a Td had his receiver not let it hit him straight in the face. There's many reasons why the Chiefs lost this game, but none of them are named Patrick Mahomes.

Chiefs receivers

These guys were bums tonight. They dropped critical balls early in the game and couldn't get open for most of the game. I will give them credit for one thing, they used their heads tonight.

Technically one way to use it. They were no David Tyrees out there tonight I will say that, should've asked the refs for some of that ticky tack to put on their helmets.

Halftime Show

WTH was that? I swear every year the halftime show gets worse and worse. I find myself understanding what's going on less and less each year. Maybe it's just me, maybe it's time to do away with the Halftime Show all together. They spent over $7 million on that production. An absolute waste. Give that money to the homeless or something it'd be better spent money. The fireworks were nice though.

Overall SBLV left a bad taste in my mouth. The zebras ruined the game for me in the first half. KC never really got a fair chance and Tampa's defense never let them back into the game. Mahomes did everything he could to bring his team back but to no avail. Congrats to Tom on #7, but it doesn't feel as earned as it should. SBLV will always have an * next to it for me.