The Definition of Insanity

(Photo by Justin K. Aller/Getty Images)

A wise man once said the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again expecting a different result. Well call the Steelers insane after they brought back Juju.

1yr $8M for Juju to stay in Pittsburgh. After what the Steelers did to me at the end of last season and in the playoffs, my only request for them this offseason was just to please let this man walk. Juju even said his goodbye to the city of Pittsburgh at the start of free agency because he didn't expect to come back. All was well and good. Now, after hot pursuits from the Ravens, Jets, and Eagles here we are. Tik Tok boy back in the black and yellow for another year. Mr. "the Browns is the Browns" before getting his ass kicked by them in the Wild Card game is back for another go. I can't even say I'm mad, I'm just disappointed. We are pushed right up against the cap and have a million holes to fill, especially up front, but hey it's all ok now Juju is back. What a smooth brain he is too, taking the deal worth far less money and years than he was offered from the other pursuing teams. He must be making a nice penny on those Tik Toks that will make up the difference.

The downfall of this team over the past several years has not been on the field, but mostly off the field. AB drama, Big Ben drama, Le'Veon drama, and Juju drama. This team needs a cultural change. We've come a long way from the gritty, tough culture that this team prided itself on. Bringing Juju back for another year is just more erosion to the core of this franchise. I'd say the good news is at least the deal is only for 1 year, but it would probably just end up being a bridge deal to a long term extension next year when our cap space goes up significantly. May God have mercy on this franchise. Let us never forget:

Professional. Who cares the other team doesn't care or use it as extra motivation right.

Nope not at all. God I hate this team.

UPDATE: Juju had a better contract offer from the Chiefs and he still signed back with the Steelers. This man may be too loyal for his own good.