The Dolphins just put on a Clinic

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The Dolphins have made some great trades in recent years, but the deals they just pulled off in the last hour may be the best ones yet. First we have this deal with the Niners.

The Niners came out and said "Jimmy is still our guy", but everyone who knows a single thing about football knows that they are drafting a QB at 3. With the Jets reportedly sticking with Darnold at this point it appears the Niners will likely have their choice of any QB on the board not named Trevor Lawrence. Great trade for the Dolphins as they moved down just 9 spots in return for a third-round pick this year and a first-round pick in both 2022 and 2023. The movement down isn't a huge problem for the Dolphins as they don't have any glaring holes and should be just fine picking at No. 12, but they didn't stop there.

The Dolphins then MacGyvered their way back into No. 6 by moving down in the later rounds and giving up a 2022 first-rounder. The Dolphins should be very good next season so that pick should be much later in the round. To summarize the Dolphins turned the No. 3 pick and next year's first-round pick into:

No. 6

2021 3rd-round pick

2022 first-round pick

2023 first-round pick

The most incredible thing about this is that most of these picks were a result of the Laremy Tunsil deal from a few years ago.

Masterful maneuvering by the front office. Almost as impressive as Sam Presti getting the Oklahoma City Thunder 17 first-round picks over the next 7 drafts. As I always say though, it's not how many picks you have, but what you do with them. Hopefully the Dolphins are able to get themselves some solid pieces with these picks.