Tough Night in the City of Philadelphia

The city of brotherly love. Home to Rocky, the Liberty Bell, the cheesesteak, and God awful sports franchises. What we saw tonight was absolutely horrendous. I am quite frankly ashamed to call myself a Flyers or a Sixers fan tonight. The only thing I am proud of is the fact that I was wise enough not to bet on either of these teams tonight, except for my live over 214.5 on the Sixers game which I'll get to in a moment. First we need to admire something for a second.

The Flyers

The Flyers might have disappointed, but Lake Tahoe did not for a second. Aside from the delays, ice issues, and uncompetitive play from the Flyers this was a success for the NHL. The scenery was unmatched, and I don't think we will ever see a more beautiful outdoor game. The puck got a little tough to follow early on in the Flyers game, but once the sun set behind the mountains it was perfect. Props to the league for pulling this one off.

The Flyers on the other hand were atrocious tonight. They moved to 1-3-1 in outdoor games, so maybe we petition the league to let us sit a couple out. The loss makes us 0-5 against Boston this season. David Pastrnak continues to be part owner of the Philadelphia Flyers. Watching Pastrnak play against the Flyers takes me back to watching Devonta Smith in the National Championship game against Ohio State. No defenders were anywhere near either guy and they both scored at will. I know we had a lot of key players out still, so I won't look too deeply into this game, but we still need to play better. Like come on at least make it look like you know how to skate properly out there.

That video pretty much sums up the game for us. It was fun for a minute there when it was tied 2-2, but then like most games this year it went to shit. Carter was simply off tonight. In fact the kid can't seem to figure out the Bruins this year. He's given up 20 goals in 4 starts against Boston this season. He's given up just 17 in his other 7 starts combined. He needs to figure out what's going on and quickly, or Moose needs to be in net a bit more often, especially in games against Boston. This team needs to right the ship quickly, or it won't be long until we find ourselves looking in on the playoff picture.

The Sixers

If you haven't read my Sixers blog yet go give it a read. This team is bad. A healthy Sixers squad went up to Toronto tonight and lost to a Raptors team without Kyle Lowry. A painful loss it was too. Up by double digits at one point they went on to lose the game 110-103. The painful part was the 7 minute stretch in the 4th quarter in which the Sixers didn't score a single field goal, not one. A team with 5 '"professional" basketball players on the floor could not put the ball into the hoop for 7 straight minutes. I'm not gonna be that guy that says "damn this team sucks, even I could've scored at least 1 basket in that 7 minute stretch", but I could have scored a basket in that time period. I know this because even I have a better jumper than Ben Simmons. Argue that point if you want, but I believe it's true until proven otherwise.

What even is that stat? This team afraid of dinosaurs or Maple leaves or something? They play 2 games a year in Toronto. If you include the 2019 playoff series in which the Sixers went 1-3 in Toronto, they've only won 1 of their last 20 in Toronto. To get to my real anger here though it's not the loss, this game is 1 of 56 who cares. I bet over 214.5 at halftime. To start the 4th quarter we were sitting at 84-83. Absolutely prime position to hit the over. That is until the Sixers decide to just not score. Then, because I'm convinced they knew of my bet and wanted to spite me, they go on a little scoring run at the end to push the final total to 213. The Sixers have now found themselves on the no-bet list. A rare feat to accomplish, probably the only rare feat they'll ever be able to accomplish. No matter what happens the rest of the season I will not place a single wager on this franchise. In fact I don't think I'm going to waste another second of my time on this team. They're frauds, just not a good basketball team. Like I said in my previous blog about them, this team is a false hope. They will never amount to anything worth a damn as currently constructed. It's just the cold hard truth.