Tuesday NBA Teaser Recap

The Tuesday NBA Teaser went 4-1. Steph balled out in the Garden like I said he would. The Nets stayed hot, but unfortunately the Mavs and Celtics couldn't hit the over. That game was a fantastic one to watch as was the Knicks game. I'll do a little recap.


This game was tight throughout. Dallas ultimately won it 110-107. Tatum, Brown, and Kemba combined for 78 of Boston's 107 points. The rest of the team didn't do much of anything on the offensive end the whole night. The downfall for Boston tonight was their 3pt shooting. Shooting 30% from deep when your opponent is shooting 40% isn't going to get you many wins. The story of this game is Luka Doncic though. This kid is special. He came up 2 assists shy of a triple double tonight. He also essentially hit two game winning 3s in this game. The first one gave the Mavs a 2 point lead.

Jaylen Brown would hit a floater to tie the game down the other end. Then Luka would call game.

Like I said this kid is special. The crazy thing is he's still only 21 years old. The sky is the limit for Luka. Boston on the other hand has issues right now. They desperately miss Marcus Smart and they are atrocious in the 4th quarter. There is way too much talent on this team for them to be sub .500 at this point in the season. They need to figure things out and quickly before they spiral out of control.

Golden State:

I said Steph would shine tonight, and he did not let me down. 37 points on 7 threes to lead the Warriors to a 114-106 win and the cover. The Knicks had the lead for a part of this game, but once the Warriors turned it on in the second half the Knicks just couldn't keep up. The Knicks almost took the lead in the 4th, but Steph came back into the game and would put an end to that. When Steph is on there's not much you can do.

James Wiseman is a problem. He had 14 in 16 minutes off the bench and he was a matchup nightmare. He is a phenomenal big man presence that this Warriors team has been missing since Andrew Bogut left town. He can finish around the rim, rebounds, runs the floor well, and blocks shots. This Warriors team is gonna be a problem once Klay is back. The Kristaps Porzingis to Golden State trade rumors are interesting. I think he'd be a good fit for the Warriors. The Knicks on the other hand are a solid young team. They just simply don't have the offense at the moment to keep up with high scoring teams.


The Nets took a big 1st quarter lead that Sacramento chipped into throughout the game until late in the 4th. That's when Brooklyn went on a run and put the game out of reach. This Brooklyn team is on fire right now without KD. It's gonna be interesting to see if KD makes them even better upon his return, or if he messes up the flow that this team is in.

Overall: 32-23-0