UFC 261 was a Knockout

Alex Menendez/Getty Images

Last night's UFC 261 was one of the crazier cards we've had out of the UFC in awhile. From the Chris Weidman injury, to the Rose Namajunas knockout, to the Usman fight it was all must watch. Here are some of the biggest moments from last night's fights in case you missed them.

Chris Weidman breaks a leg

Weidman suffered a devastating leg injury similar to Anderson Silva's if you recall from years ago. Warning this is extremely graphic.

Brutal. Somebody get that guy some milk. Fire the guy who told him beforehand to break a leg out there. The similarities between Weidman and Silva's injuries are crazy.

They always warn against shin kicks because of this exact reason. They are more dangerous to you than they are to your opponent. Weidman is a great fighter, so hopefully this is something he can recover from and quickly. If you're interested in learning more about the medical side of this injury here's a video for you.

Rose Namajunas becomes a champion

Chris Weidman was the perfect example of a kick gone wrong last night. Rose Namajunas on the other hand is the perfect example of a kick gone right. She knocked out Zhang Weili with this high kick to claim the Strawweight title.

Perfect leg kick by Rose. Zhang was pissed at the ref for stopping the fight claiming she was never unconscious, but the fight clearly needed to be stopped. Extremely impressive showing by Rose to get the knockout so early on in the fight. It's going to take a perfect fight to take that belt from her.

Usman rocks Masvidal

Joe Rogan and I had the same exact reaction when we witnessed that right hand.

Out like a light. After their fight last year, Masvidal was talking shit about Usman's striking power saying he didn't feel it. Think he felt that one? This is the first time Masvidal has been knocked out in his 8 years in the UFC. He was eating some solid shots from Usman throughout the first round, even putting his hands down and taunting Usman a little bit at times. That cockiness is probably what did Jorge in last night. That was the limpest I think I've ever seen a body go in that short of time. Props to Usman, guys a beast. I don't foresee anyone taking that title from him in the near future. He now has ungodly knockout power to go with his wrestling abilities, he's the total package.

Jacksonville, Florida

Did you notice anything different in all those clips? That's right the UFC had a full crowd in attendance in Jacksonville last night and it was awesome to see. You can tell just how much the fighters feed off the energy of the crowd. Other sports can get away with the limited capacity fans at time, but fighting has a hard time doing it. You need the reactions, you need the energy to complete the experience. I'm glad to see one of the major sports leagues finally getting back to normal. There's a reason why the UFC has grown to be what it is now under Dana White, and that's because he's not afraid to do things differently. While everyone else is limiting capacity or playing with no fans, the UFC is going all out and showing their fans a good time. Props to Dana White and the UFC for putting on a great show last night.