Welcome to Blackjack Sports

Updated: Feb 1, 2021

Hello everyone my name is Kade Marx and I am the founder/creator of Blackjack Sports. I created Blackjack Sports because my whole life has revolved around sports in some form or fashion. Whether it be watching or playing sports. In recent years sports betting has become a huge passion of mine and I've been trying to think of some way I could turn my passion for watching sports and betting on them into something more. Out of this desire came Blackjack Sports. For those of you who don't know Blackjack is another name for a pirate flag. I felt this was the perfect symbol because my goal in betting and in life is always to do it my way. I grew up and still live in Whitehall, PA. For those of you who don't know Whitehall is a small town about an hour north of Philly and little over an hour South of NYC. Most of you probably know it as where Saquon Barkley played his high school ball. For all you Patriots fans out there it's also where Dan Koppen is from. Last year I graduated from Penn State. I grew up a Steelers, Flyers, 76ers, and a Mets fan before I jumped that ship for the Phillies a few years ago. Jokes on me since the Mets got Stevie moneybags now and the Phillies ownership is crying broke just two years after saying the wallet is open (more on that later).

I want Blackjack Sports to be a one stop shop for all sports news and sports gambling content. I want to take over the sports media and gambling industry with this company. Like many people out there I am a sports gambling fanatic, clinically speaking you would probably call it an addiction or a "problem". I say its only a problem if you're losing money right. I look at my sports gambling habit as Michael Jordan looked at his "I don't have a gambling problem, I have a competition problem".

In all seriousness though, it's not the money making potential in sports betting or anything else that excites me, it's that feeling you get when you pick an underdog or the right side of the spread that drives me. Its like a certain kind of high and I'm always looking for that next hit. Like Mathew McConaughey (totally spelled that right without looking it up) says to Leo in the Wolf of Wall Street "you don't let the client cash out his money from a stock because that would make it real. You give them another idea, another stock to reinvest their money in and then some, and they will every-time because they're addicted." That's all we're doing when we bet on sports. The bet is a stock and you're either cashing out a profit or it's going to zero. Btw The Wolf of Wall Street is an all-time movie for me and that lunch scene is comedy gold.

That's my goal though. I want to suck the cash out of Vegas just like Jordan Belfort sucked the cash out of those penny stock investors. Except in this case we're taking the money from the big guys and giving it to the common man. So to Vegas and all the sportsbooks I say:

The first bets I ever placed were on the Penn State vs. Michigan football matchup back in October 2019. Being a Penn State student at the time I backed Penn State -7.5 and took the Under at 48.5. Penn State won the game 28-21. I remember trying to focus on the game as I watched it at a party at a friends house in Scranton. The misery of watching Michigan drive down the field in garbage time to score a TD and kill both my bets still haunts me to this day. I couldn't even enjoy the fact that Penn State beat Michigan because all I could do was try to figure out how I was going to get back the $50 I had just lost. Some people might laugh and say thats nothing, but as a broke unemployed college student I felt as if I had lost a million dollars that night. Nonetheless after that night sports would never be the same for me. Now all I see before/during a game is spreads, moneyline odds, and O/U's. In some ways this is a blessing, it's made games interesting that would otherwise have no meaning to me. In other ways it's a curse as I can never seem to just enjoy the simplicity that is two teams just competing to win a game. To be honest though I wouldn't want it any other way.

On this site I and other contributors will give out daily picks that we think are can't miss and you can decide for yourself if you agree or not. So everyone buckle up, get your accounts ready, and let's make some money. To Vegas and everyone else I say