What is Going on in Seattle?

Photo by Bettina Hansen / The Seattle Times

The social media world is going wild today about rumors that Russell Wilson may or may not have requested a trade out of Seattle, and that he's unhappy with the organization. According to a story from The Athletic today, Russ's main issues stem from his philosophical disagreements with Pete Carroll. Pete is a run the ball down your throat and back it up with good defense guy, whereas Russ feels this is holding him and the team back. Russ's agent has confirmed a number of team's he would be willing to go to if traded.

Russ has a no-trade clause in his contract so he can go basically go wherever the hell he wants. This situation is very odd to me. In my opinion Russ is just trying to strong arm the Seahawks into making some scheme adjustments, getting him some O-line help, and/or he wants Pete Carroll fired. At the minimum he's telling the team he's getting hit way too much and they'd better find him some O-line help this offseason. I have a feeling this whole rift with Pete Carroll goes all the way back to a certain playcall. Yeah you know which one I'm talking about.

You have Marshawn Lynch and you're at the 1 yard line, just run the damn ball. The Seattle Seahawks have one job as an organization right now and that's do not upset the franchise quarterback. This appears to be precisely what they have managed to do. The list of teams Russ has listed for a trade are very interesting to me. I do not see why he would want to go to Chicago or Vegas. Chicago's offense finished the season relatively strong, but was an absolute dumpster fire for the majority of the season. The O-line is just as bad in Chicago as it is in Seattle. Chicago's receivers aren't on the level of D.K. and Lockett. Allen Robinson is a solid threat, but other than that, there isn't much here. Montgomery is a great back to work with though and the defense in Chicago is one of the best in the league. Maybe that offense is just a competent QB away from breaking out. Vegas may be a good fit for Russ offensively. Under Chucky and that offense Russ should put up some real nice numbers. The problem in Vegas is that defense. It's actually pathetic. That team won't be going anywhere until the defense is at least middle of the pack. Dallas has great offensive weapons, but the O-line is injury prone and aging in some areas. I'm not sure how much of an improvement it is over Seattle's. I'm guessing Russ added the Cowboys to this list because he wants to play in the biggest market in the league. Russ has been forgotten at times due to playing up in the Seattle market, and I'm sure this has bothered him to some extent. The Saints make the most amount of sense here for me. Adding Russ to that roster makes them in instant contender, if not the outright favorite to win the Super Bowl this upcoming season. I just don't see a trade here being feasible. The cap situation will be a tough one to navigate, and the Saints simply don't have the assets to entice Seattle to make the deal. Russ will be staying put in Seattle for at least next season and likely beyond. Especially if the Seahawks make some positive moves in the offseason.